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American Anti-Social Violence

Are guns really the problem? Let us explore in a respectful dialogue some ideas which might actually lead to answers:

How about this instead of guns as focused answers: President Biden proposes an over 21 age requirement to access any movie, video game, or other entertainment that depicts graphic violence deemed to have antisocial violence lacking in any moral context. Moral context examples are where good overcomes evil. Antisocial violence depicts violence without remorse or social consequences. Additionally, propose legislation for extreme financial consequences for the entertainment industry for influencing and promoting the use of antisocial violence by any means. Simply, focusing on guns makes inept people sound as if they are doing something. Data proves this does not work. For the sake of argument, ok the guns are now gone and controlled as a means for violence. What now? Will the evil and violent intents being fueled by a society lacking a moral compass simply be gone? No, it only means now creativity will determine the means to perpetrate their antisocial violent acts. Let’s all make this the narrative our elected SERVANTS discuss and implement.

What say you?