Services Offered by BSLA

Leadership analysis and core values development in alignment with a new mission, vision and values statement.

Learning Culture Development (lesson plan and online/standard delivery course syllabus development).

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) – Contract coordination and compliance consolation and data management.

Website Development – 20 page site standard $1000 with your content and graphics. Each additional page is $50. Website subscriptions for unlimited daily updates are available. Contact Bill for estimate if outside these boundaries or special needs.

Meeting/retreat facilitation at private beach house located at Cozumel, Mexico. (All meals, staff, and accommodations included (up to six double occupancy persons, or three single). Contact Bill to develop a plan and cost estimate.

Retreat location Large (Beach house at Cozumel, Mexico).

Retreat location Small (Casita House single or two adults at Cozumel, Mexico).

International fire service or business consulting specializing in intercultural communications and local governance administration and culture guidance.

If you do not see listed here what you need, please contact Bill for a free consultation. Please fill out the below Services Requested Form.

Consulting: Business, Emergency Services, Education, Philanthropy