2023 October SCBA Training – Pre-Class Command Officer Training

Overview and Agenda – English

Overview and Agenda – Spanish

Deliverables from the pre-class training:

1) Written Mayday procedures and their version of a tactical worksheet to us by October 20 (see Mayday checklist and Mayday portion of the Tactical Worksheet as your guide).

2) Command Officers ICS class is now scheduled for two hours on October 23, 19:30-21:30, at Station 1. This class is to function the Mayday procedure and Tactical Worksheet during a Mayday event.

3) Officers tasked with responsibility to ensure their firefighters go through the website materials prior to class.

4) Decision was confirmed that each firefighter will be issued a mask and regulator for their use daily as an on duty Firefighter.

5) Radios for training should be the same number per person as when responding to an incident. If the department needs more radios this training should drive obtaining more to ensure firefighter safety. “Train as we fight”

6) Command officers will be tasked to function firefighter accountability using their Mayday protocols and Tactical Worksheets during the Wednesday and Thursday afternoon practical sessions.

7) SCBA Cylinders: 20 cylinders must be delivered to Station 1 by October 21.

8) During the course: SCBA cylinders must be filled each night and delivered to Station 1 before 08:30 each class and practical day.


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