Mayday Training Videos – October 2023

Pittsburgh Drill by Cozumel Bomberos:

What are the lessons learned?

Command Officers and Sergeants: What went well? What didn’t go well? What would you do differently?

Question: If you were to focus on each specific function, how might this help you in your next training video? Specific Functions: 1) Command and fire company entry to a structure and interior operations communications via radio (Conditions, Actions, and Needs reports). 2) Crew Unity and Discipline so everyone knows their roles. 3) Well practiced search techniques in low visibility. 4) Air monitoring for “Thirds” (1/3 to get in, 1/3 to work, 1/3 to get out). 5) Team exiting the structure and Personal Accountability Reports (PAR) to ensure all crew members are present and accounted for.

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