LC Emergency Management Coordinator Interview Information Page:

William A Salmon – Resume

Complex Adaptive Systems – Chapter from Bill’s M. Ed. capstone thesis

Collaborative Learning Progression and Culture – Capstone (2007).

American Public University – Adjunct Faculty: Bill completed six hours of graduate level coursework toward an Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) Certificate.

Courses taken by Bill: EDMG501, Emergency Management and Public Law and EDMG503 and Emergency Management and Disaster Planning.

The APUS undergraduate courses related to EDM that Bill facilitated were FSMT321 Community Fire Mitigation and Protection; EDMG230 Emergency and Disaster Incident Command (Lead Faculty); EDMG320 Natural Disaster Management; FSMT405 Fire Safety and Risk Regulation; FSMT410 Fire Regulation, Policy, and Law; EDMG420 Risk Communication, and FSMT475 Applications of Fire Research.

Consulting: Business, Emergency Services, Education, Philanthropy