Command Training – Mayday Procedure and Tactical Worksheet

October 23, 2023, 19:30 – 21:30, Cozumel Station 1

Cozumel Fire Department written Mayday procedure (Due to US instructors by October 20, 2023).

Cozumel Fire Department Tactical Worksheet (Due to US instructors by October 20, 2023).

Agenda: (2 hours; 120 min)

  • Establish an incident command chart for the class to use for training.
  • Overview of Mayday procedure and tactical worksheet for understanding and questions.
  • Discussion of what structure fire procedures exist for first due officers to follow, and how the arrival process of a command officer to assume or receive a transfer of command.
  • For this class the focus is on managing a Mayday at a medium sized residential structure fire in Cozumel.
  • All roles to be discussed for accuracy with Mexican laws and fire department authority to manage the incident.
  • Walkthrough a structure fire incident without a Mayday using the tactical worksheet.
  • Work through the same structure fire incident with a Mayday using the tactical worksheet.
  • Review both incidents through the lens of the procedures and were they followed to a predictable outcome?
  • Questions, comments, suggestions?

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