Collaborative Learning Progression

Capstone for Master of Education (2007)

The below document is what Bill wrote for his capstone thesis to describe the Collaborative Learning Progression (CLP). Bill describes the many ways his CLP theories were tested and validated in the modern fire service. At the time, Bill was on the forefront of developing Andragogical learning models and principles leading to the development of constructive learning environments which are now mainstream in fire service instructor manuals today.

Introduction to the Collaborative Learning Progression (CLP)

CLP Graphic

CLP Abstract

Chapter 1: Rationale for the Learning Culture project 

Chapter 2: What do I mean by a Learning Culture?

Chapter 3: Pedagogy and Andragogy, what is it?

Chapter 4: Adult Learning Theories & The CLP

Chapter 5: Complexity Science and Learning Culture

Chapter 6: Mindfulness

Chapter 7: Self Efficacy

Chapter 8: Organizational Hierarchy  “Forging Committed Partnerships”

Chapter 9: Constructivism and Constructive Learning Environments

Chapter 10: Performance Assessment

Chapter 11: Web and Internet

Chapter 12: Reflections and Validation

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