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Thunder-Mountain Wind and Fire (501C3)

Charity Motorcycle Ride to Benefit “American Heroes in Action”

Post Ride: September 10, 2022 was a great day considering 47 degrees and raining all day. We saw significantly lower rider numbers (less that 20), but TMWF and our riders rose to the occasion and raised over $5000 for American Heroes in Action. TMWF has one online fundraiser still in progress, then a final 2022 amount will be announced for AHA.

See Flyer and video below explaining TMWF philanthropic work with Mexico, US rural fire agencies, and annual charity events.

TMWF Mexico Project and work with US rural fire agencies, and annual fund raising ride information video:

Philanthropic Work in Mexico

Some of the most significant efforts of my professional and personal life have come through serving others and paying to do it. This video is after a six track fire academy in three cities involving over 100 bomberos. The instructor team was celebrating well, and this is an amazing video and great memories.

Significance of Bomberos and August 22 each year:

In Mexico, Firefighter’s Day is commemorated on August 22, as a way of evoking the creation of the first fire department, which took place in the Port of Veracruz in 1873; for 1922 the Regulation of the Fire Department of the Federal District was issued and in 1951, by presidential decree, it was granted the character of “Heroic”.