BSLA: Bomberos Training – December 2023

The December 2023 Bomberos training will consist of building upon the learning from the October 23-28, 2023 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) course.

Please accomplish the following training before 23:59 on December 31, 2023

Training Event #1 (TE1): Each firefighter/driver/officer/chief will practice dressing in full turnout clothing (boots, pants, hood, jacket, facepiece, helmet, gloves) until full dress can be achieved in one minute or less.

Example: Video #1

Training Event #2 (TE2): Building on Training Event #1, add donning of the SCBA airpack to on air in less than one minute and 30 seconds for both TE1 & TE2.

Example: Video #2

Training Event #3 (TE3): Produce a training video of TE1 and TE2 from the fire engine as one combined event. Post the video on Youtube and send the link to Bill for inclusion on the Cozumel Bomberos training area of the BSLA website.

Example: Video #3

Training Event #4 (TE4): Once in the month of December for each bombero, log in a training log that each bombero chose a physical activity as their fitness training while in their turnout clothing and wearing their airpack on air, and document cylinder pressure at beginning, how long until 2/3 air in the cylinder, then 1/3 on air in cylinder, then when vibra alert begins. After vibra alert become stationary and document how long the bottle can last using the wheel breathing technique. Each bombero will then have a working knowledge of time frames while working hard on air, and if trapped or lost how long they can wait for rescue using breathing techniques.

Example: Video #4

Sergeants Responsibility: The responsibility of leaders is to oversee the safety and competence of those under their charge. Each Sergeant is to document in writing that Training Events 1-4 are accomplished. A copy should be sent to Bill/Arturo/Vidal via WhatsApp for review and comment.

See ideas for improving techniques: Video #5

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