2023 SCBA – Experiential SCBA Practice


Classroom 1

Experiential and Constructive Learning Environment SCBA: 

Terminal Objective: Each firefighter will be issued a SCBA, and will function check each component of the Scott AP50 SCBA to ensure proper operation. Each firefighter will be issued the appropriate facepiece denoting no air leaks, don the SCBA, don their facepiece, insert regulator, breathe from the SCBA and maintain on-air status for two minutes without disconnecting their regulator using the air management button. Each firefighter will perform function checks, cylinder swaps, and donning and doffing with 100% completion.   

Enabling Objectives:

Evaluation: Per #23 below

  1. Each student will learn self-talk to pass through a Phobic wave event.
  2. Issue each student a SCBA backpack, facepiece, Regulator, and cylinder.
  3. Review each SCBA part to reinforce cognitive understanding.  
  4. Assemble the cylinder on the backpack and demonstrate proper tensioning. 
  5. Attach the backpack high pressure line to the cylinder valve and secure (not on air yet).
  6. Review the facepiece components and have each student assess their facepiece for fit, air leaks, hairnet adjustments.
  7. Using the facepiece donning checklist, have students practice donning and doffing their facepiece. 
  8. Review the SCBA daily check functions once the air is turned on.
  9. Have students turn the valve counterclockwise to turn the air on the backpack.
  10. Have the students perform the daily function check on their airpack.
  11. Have companies in teams of two at their tables.
  12. Review donning of SCBA methods and have each student determine their initial method.
  13. Have students don their SCBA and don their facepiece while not on air.  Adjust for proper comfort and functionality. 
  14. Have students turn their air on to the backpack and go on air by attaching their regulator. 
  15. Have students practice breathing normally while still in anticipation of the PASS activation.  Ensure each airpack goes into full alarm.  Have students deactivate the Pass device. 
  16. Have students function their purge valve and ensure they have a full understanding of when and how to use the purge valve. 
  17. Have students detach their regulator and ensure no air leak. 
  18. Have students turn off their air at the cylinder and drain down their low-pressure line at the regulator using the purge valve.
  19. Have students detach their cylinder valve to high pressure line attachment, then detach cylinder from the backpack, and swap cylinders with their partner, and reattach their new cylinder to get their airpack ready for use. 
  20. Have students perform a daily function check on their airpack with the new cylinder attached. 
  21. Have students verify their airpacks are drained down and inert.
  22. Review with students for lessons learned and questions.
  23. Evaluation in the form of instructor’s observations of each student’s proper understanding and use of the SCBA as performed with 100% efficacy.


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