2023 SCBA – Emergency Breathing Safety System (EBSS), Wheel Breathing Technique, and Rapid Intervention (RIT)


Experiential and Constructive Learning Environment Emergency Breathing Safety System (EBSS).

Terminal Objective: Firefighter with fully donned SCBA will in full PPE, on air, with gloves on, will properly locate a downed firefighter’s EBSS and connect their cylinder to their EBSS and provide air supply with 100% completion.  Firefighter will perform Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) response, in low visibility, in full PPE, on air, with gloves on, using a spare SCBA and connect the spare SCBA to the downed firefighter’s EBSS with 100% completion. 

Enabling Objectives: As listed below

Evaluation: Per #12 below

Classroom 1

  1. With SCBAs on the table, not donned.
  2. Have students review the EBSS checklist while demonstrating the components at each phase of the EBSS use. 
  3. Have students pull the EBSS from their backpack and pull to full length.
  4. Have students practice disconnecting their regulator line and attaching the regulator line to the EBSS. 
  5. Have students repackage the EBSS line into the pouch on the backpack. 
  6. Have students in their teams don their SCBAs and masks and turn on air. 
  7. Have students go on air by attaching their regulators to their facepieces.
  8. Have students take turns disconnecting their partner’s regulator hose and attaching it to their (rescuer) EBSS hose.  After each attempt: Disconnect and reattach their partner’s regulator to his low-pressure line.  Victim to repack the rescuer’s EBSS. 
  9. Have students put on their full turnout gear and fire gloves and attempt as in #8.
  10. Have rescuer of the team with obscured visibility to completely blind them and attempt #8 while in full PPE, on air, with gloves.
  11. Review with students for lessons learned and questions.
  12. Evaluation in the form of instructor’s observations of each student’s proper understanding and use of the EBSS system as performed to accomplish all class activities with 100% efficacy.
  13. Important: Spare Airpack is RIT Bag – demonstrate cylinder change when hooked to EBSS (Hook to rescuer, then change RIT airpack cylinder, then EBSS to RIT)
  14. Practice as two companies for each person to function the role with RIT and EBSS. Each company will practice connecting the RIT SCBA to a downed firefighter, with each person functioning the EBSS successfully.
  15. Wheel Breathing Technique: The Wheel Breathing technique is use to eliminate the waste of air through the vibra alert and allow the Mayday firefighter to extend their breathing air when lost, disoriented, or low on air. It is vital that a Mayday is call whenever a firefighter finds themselves unable to exit a structure when lost, disoriented, low on air, falls into something, has something fall on them, tangled and unsure of ability to disentangle themselves. ALL FIREFIGHTERS VIEW THIS AND PREPARE YOUR MIND TO USE THIS TECHNIQUE.


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