2016 Two Telesqurts, 40 New Cylinders (Refurbished Survive Air Panthers, New Hose, Nozzles, Appliances, Rescue Tools (Cutters/Spreaders/Rams/Hose); Two Weeks of Class Implementing New SCBA

After the fire at the Parade Float Factory in November 2015, Bill worked with the government of Cozumel and State of Quintana Roo to bring the listed equipment through donated funds from the island. (Fire Pics 1, 2, 3)

2016 Refurbishing the SCBA in Colorado for Transport to Cozumel

Maintenance on the apparatus prior to shipment.

Packing the apparatus with all the equipment: Strasburg Telesqurt (Inventory) Golden Telesqurt (Inventory)

Loading the apparatus for shipment to Florida where they would cross the gulf to Puerto Morales.

Post Aduanas Arrival in Cozumel & Training

Great pics of our time in Aduanas at Puerto Morales, and Two weeks of training and implementing the plan to bring new equipment and capacity to Cozumel’s Bomberos.

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