Is your current training web site working well as a resource?
Services We Provide
  • EMS Contract Development, Analysis and Compliance Management
  • Data Metrics Analysis and modeling
  • Learning Culture Consultation Services and Needs Assessments
  • Training Website Development and Management
  • Learning Management System - online education with your own LMS
  • Grant writing and research
  • Public Speaking, Events, Seminars, Corporate
  • Educational Research - Any Topic
  • Mentor/Mentee Programs - Training Officer/Division Development
  • Department Web Site Development and Management
  • Virtual Training Support - Annual Continuing Education Packets on
    your own web page
  • On Site Performance Assessment, Needs Assessment, and Strategic
  • Online Course Development - Website or Moodle LMS
  • Online Course Facilitation - Moodle or Sakai LMS (open source)
All Pricing Valid Through December 31, 2018
Consulting:         $40 per hour for website development, phone or email requests
Consulting:         $50 per hour at your location, plus expenses
Public Speaking: $800 per day, plus expenses
Instructor:           $1000 per 12 hour day, plus expenses
Analysis:             Negotiated by agreement
Advice:               Free by email, so please ask me about your situation
Learning Culture Services - 2018
Collaborative Learning is the End Goal
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