• BSLA - What we do:

  • Leadership Analysis and Development
  • Consult to Create and Promote Positive Learning Cultures  
  • BSLA specialty is informing adult learning environments             
  • BSLA Specializes in Combination Fire Departments
  • EMS Contract Compliance program development
  • Data Metrics Analysis and modeling

(Bill's Collaborative Learner Communication Model - PDF   PPT)  

Invite Bill to your location to assess areas where his unique skills may assist you and your
agency or department.  

Do you have character centered organizational values which drives your mission?
Do you have a training or learning culture?
Do you want your employees to own their learning goals?
Email Bill at Bill@billsalmonlearningassociates.com for help!

What BSLA can do for you?

BSLA primarily deals with fire department leadership and developing positive learning

Bill has been in the fire service as a career firefighter and officer since 1981.   Bill now
offers consulting regarding Leadership Development, EMS Contract Compliance, while
focusing on building and growing fire department learning cultures.   

Philanthropic Endeavors: BSLA's team of US firefighters and officers led annual
academies in the Yucatan region of Mexico from 1997 - 2010.   Since 2010 - 21 Mexican
Fire Instructors, who are Fire Instructor 1 curriculum certified, facilitate training for the
fire departments of Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, and Cancun.  They also serve and support
the many fire departments within the state of Quintana ROO.  These instructors now lead
their annual academies for the region.  See our
Philanthropic page for details of how you
can help.

In 2016, BSLA helped facilitate two
new engines and much  needed fire equipment to the
island of Cozumel, Mexico.  

Updated: February 14, 2021
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