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About Our Business

My name is Bill Salmon, and I hope to help you develop a learning culture for
your fire department or business.  Fire departments are faced with the task of
developing training for their firefighters, which can be a daunting task to
I can show you how to assess your current culture, and how to
determine your needs and develop measures leading to assured outcomes.

My specialty is in the area of technology use
and analysis, specifically the use of
and intranet as a means of providing support for fire service training.  
What makes my product different is the goal to help you create your own
learning environments, while empowering your staff to facilitate
constructive learning environments.  This is a truly effective way to show your
department how much you value and understand their training needs.  

Mission Statement: To do the right and principled thing while following
Andragogical learning principles of adult education to create meaningful learning
culture environments.

Vision Statement: To recognize each adult learner's unique previous knowledge
and learning efficacy, and strive to create an environment where they move
toward being able to apply their
new knowledge in novel situations.  

Bill Salmon Learning Associates is a principles based training resource for your
fire department.  Please
contact Bill for a live discussion about what he may be
able to provide for your department.  

Learn more about Bill:
Bill's Ten Moral Maxims

Bill's Guiding Core Values: Courage, Character, and Integrity
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