• What we do is Create and Promote Positive Learning Cultures
  • Positive Learning Cultures validate previous knowledge and
    provide growth for all members involved in their specific areas
    of need.  
  • Adults learn differently, and Bill's specialty is providing adult
    learning enviroments.             
  • Bill Specializes in Combination Fire Departments
  • Let Bill Develop Your Training Website and LMS   
  • Invite Bill to come to your location and provide you with a
    detailed list of areas where he can assist you and your

 (Bill's Collaborative Learner Communication Model - PDF   PPT)  
Do you have a training or learning culture?
Do you want your employees to own their learning goals?
Email Bill at Bill@billsalmonlearningassociates.com for help!
What Bill can do for you?

Bill primarily deals with fire department learning cultures.  Bill has
been in the fire service as a career firefighter and officer since
1981, and has extensive experience dealing with fire department
learning cultures.  

Bill specializes in developing online learning environments, followed
up with in-person field classes and training.   Bill invites you to
contact him to discuss how he can develop your training website,
ISO and NFPA 1410 compliant monthly basic skills, and other
specialities.  Bill is a Blue Card Instructor, and offers Blue Card
Administration and Continuing Education classes which are focused
on your department.  

Philanthropic Endeavors: Bill's team of US firefighters have led
fire academies in the Yucatan region of Mexico from 1997 -
2010.   Since 2010, we have trained 21 Mexican Fire Instructors,
who are Fire Instructor 1 curriculum certified.  These instructors
facilitate training in Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, and Cancun, as
well as for many fire departments within the state of Quintana
ROO.  These instructors now lead their annual academies for the
region.  See our
Philanthropic page for details of how you can help.
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